Bill Richardson vetoed hundreds of proposed projects

The past, some New Mexico governors have used hardball tactics in dealing with the LegislatureIn 2006, then Gov. Bill Richardson vetoed hundreds of proposed projects from a state capital outlay bill, with some of his critics in the Legislature seeing the highest share of their projects vetoedHe insisted at the time that the vetoes were done on a systematic basis, but critics claimed they were punishedAnd Lujan Grisham predecessor, former Gov. Susana Martinez, repeatedly criticized leading Senate Democrats during her eight years in officeIt too early to tell whether Lujan Grisham strategy for dealing with the Legislature will pay offSome parts of the governor agenda, including a proposed expanded college scholarship program, have already generated pusbhack from lawmakersAnd the proposal to make New Mexico the 12th state to legalize recreational marijuana use and tax its sales could face long odds in the Senate in this year budget focused sessionwill be some challenging legislation this year, Sen.

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